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Tips On Maintaining Vivid Colour

Drenching your hair in a rainbow of shades, from dreamy pastel pinks to electric blues, is undeniably thrilling. But maintaining those vibrant, vivid hues can be a challenge. They often fade quicker, can appear uneven, and need a bit more love than traditional shades. But fret not, colour enthusiasts! Here are top tips to ensure that your kaleidoscopic locks stay as vivid as your spirit.

1. Pre-Colour Prep is Key

Before diving into that aqua blue or neon green, ensure your hair is in prime condition. Healthier hair holds onto colour better. Consider doing a protein treatment or deep conditioning mask, like FUL's Intense Moisture Hair Mask, a week before your colour appointment.

2. Cold Water to the Rescue

Hot water opens up the hair cuticle, allowing the vibrant colour to wash out more easily. Stick to lukewarm or cold water to preserve those vivacious hues for longer.

3. Special Shampoo for Special Colours

Invest in a colour-safe shampoo, like the FUL Colour Care Shampoo. These are specifically designed to be gentle on dyed hair, ensuring minimal stripping of those precious pigments.

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4. Embrace the Fade Gracefully

Vivid colours, especially lighter shades, tend to fade uniquely, often transforming into equally stunning, softer shades. Embrace the evolution of your colour, and you might just find a new favourite hue in the process.

5. Limit Sun Exposure

The sun's UV rays can fade and alter the appearance of your colourful mane. Wear a hat, use UV-protectant sprays, or simply limit prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

6. Keep Heat Styling to a Minimum

Heat can fade and change the colour of your vibrant tresses. When styling, always use a heat protectant and consider exploring no-heat styling methods to keep your locks looking fresh.

7. Colour-Refreshing Products are Gold

There's a plethora of products designed specifically to refresh and boost vivid hair colours – from conditioners like FUL's Colour Care Conditioner to colour-depositing masks. Incorporate these into your routine to prolong your hair’s vibrancy.

8. Mind Your Pool Time

Chlorine can be a wild card for rainbow-hued locks. It might lighten, alter, or unevenly strip the colour. Before taking a dip, saturate your hair with clean water or protective products. And always rinse thoroughly post-swim.

9. Regular Maintenance Appointments

Depending on the shade and its maintenance demands, regular touch-ups might be needed. Plan appointments with your stylist every 4-6 weeks to keep your colour in tip-top shape.

10. Nurture Your Hair's Health

Vivid colours often require lightening or bleaching, which can take a toll on your hair's health. Integrate hair masks, like FUL's Intense Moisture Hair Mask, serums, and oils into your routine to nourish and strengthen your strands.

Choosing to go for a vivid colour is not just a hair statement but a lifestyle choice. With these tailored care tips on maintaining vivid colour, your shades can remain just as spirited and lively as the day they were dyed. Remember, it’s not just about maintaining a colour; it’s about embracing a vibrant way of life!

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