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We advise patch testing for the following products:

  • FUL Purple Intense Moisture Hair Mask

This is because of the high levels of purple pigment in this formula.

Allergy Alert Test Instructions:

Allergy alert test must be done 48 hours before first use of the product, even if a hair colouring product has been used before.

Items you need to conduct the test: cotton bud, clean tissues

With the cotton bud, apply a pea size of the product evenly with a thin layer on an area of 2 by 2 cm on the inner side of the forearm.

Leave the product applied for 45 minutes without covering or touching it; avoid contact with clothes; after 45 minutes wash the test area with water and pat dry with a clean tissue.

If you observe any changes to the normal skin appearance, such as itching, redness, swelling on and around the test area during the testing time, or during the following 48hrs, you should rinse off the test area immediately, should not use the product and should consult a doctor. This test represents an important precaution measure which has proved to be reliable when carried out under the conditions outlined. However, be aware that even if an Allergy Alert Test has been carried out, you may still experience an allergic reaction when you use the product. The Allergy Alert Test does not provide a guarantee that allergic reactions will not occur in the future. In case of any concerns or questions please consult a doctor.