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Can You Use A Purple Hair Mask On Dyed Hair?

Can You Use A Purple Hair Mask On Dyed Hair?

Navigating the vast universe of hair care can sometimes raise complex questions, particularly when it comes to caring for dyed hair. One question we often encounter is, "Can you use a Purple Hair Mask on dyed hair?" Let's explore this query and uncover the answer.

The Magic of Purple Hair Masks

Before we delve into its suitability for dyed hair, let's revisit what a Purple Hair Mask, like FUL's Purple Intense Moisture Hair Mask, does. This vividly hued treatment is designed to neutralise brassy or yellow tones that can develop in light-coloured hair, such as blonde, grey, or bleached shades. Alongside toning, most Purple Hair Masks offer deep conditioning to nourish your locks.

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Purple Hair Masks and Dyed Hair

The answer to our original question is a resounding yes! You can certainly use a Purple Hair Mask on coloured hair. In fact, it's particularly beneficial if you've dyed your hair a light colour like blonde, as these shades can often develop unwanted warm tones over time.

Applying a Purple Hair Mask can help neutralise these brassy hues, maintaining the cool or ashy tones of your dyed hair. Moreover, the conditioning elements in the mask can help treat the dryness often associated with colour-treated hair.

Usage Tips for Dyed Hair

  • Frequency: As a potent treatment, a Purple Hair Mask, such as FUL's Purple Intense Moisture Hair Mask, is typically used once a week. However, depending on the condition of your hair and the intensity of the brassy tones, you might need to adjust the frequency. Always follow the instructions on your specific product.

  • Timing: Don't leave the mask on for longer than the recommended time, as this can lead to a temporary purple tint in your hair.

  • Product Choice: Choose a Purple Hair Mask that's designed for colour-treated hair. This ensures it's gentle enough not to strip your colour while still providing the desired toning and conditioning effects.

Final Thoughts

In the realm of coloured hair care, a Purple Hair Mask, like FUL's Purple Intense Moisture Hair Mask, can be a powerful ally, helping to maintain your colour's vibrancy and keep your hair nourished. Remember, every head of hair is unique, so tailor your hair care routine to your specific needs.

Above all, enjoy the journey of caring for your dyed hair. Embrace the transformative power of the Purple Hair Mask and celebrate the beautiful, vibrant locks you've created. Here's to cherishing your colour and revelling in your radiant hair days!

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