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How To Enhance Natural Waves

Are you blessed with naturally wavy hair, but find yourself struggling to make the most of those beautiful waves? Don't worry, we've got you covered. With a few tips and tricks, you can enhance your natural waves and achieve the effortlessly chic look you've always wanted.

First things first: start with a great haircut. Layers can help bring out the natural texture of your hair and add movement and volume. Your hairstylist can also recommend a cut that complements your face shape and hair type.

Next, it's time to wash your hair. When shampooing, be gentle and use a sulfate-free formula that won't strip your hair of its natural oils. Follow up with a conditioner to help detangle your hair and keep it hydrated.

Once you're out of the shower, gently squeeze out any excess water with a microfiber towel or an old t-shirt. Avoid rubbing your hair with a regular towel, as this can cause frizz and damage.

Now, it's time to apply a styling spray, such as FUL's Styling Spray, that will enhance your natural waves. Look for a spray that can add texture and volume to your hair. Apply the spray evenly throughout your hair, scrunching your curls as you go.

If you have time, you can also let your hair air-dry for a more natural look. If you're short on time, use a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer to gently dry your hair while keeping your waves intact.

Finally, to set your waves in place and add shine, apply a lightweight hair oil or serum to the ends of your hair. This will help tame any frizz and give your waves a glossy finish.

With these simple tips and tricks, you can enhance your natural waves and achieve the perfect beachy look all year round. So embrace your natural texture, and let your waves do the talking.

FUL Styling Spray, FUL, FUL London, FUL London Styling Spray, Styling Spray, Wavy Hair

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