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What Are The Benefits Of Using Hair Products Containing Coconut Oil? 

Coconut oil can be a tasty alternative to vegetable oil or butter when baking or cooking, but that isn’t the only use for this nutrient-rich oil! Coconut oil also has many benefits for hair. In fact, coconut oil is often used in hair products that relieve dandruff, add shine, hydrate, de-frizz and heat protect. 

How Can Coconut Oil Help My Hair?

Hair is made up of proteins such as keratin (if you regularly buy hair products then you would have heard of this protein before!). Regularly having your hair dyed, bleached and styled can damage these proteins which will leave your hair feeling dehydrated and damaged. If you feel like your hair has lost its shine then it may be down to using damaging products or using too much heat on your hair. 

Some studies have shown that lauric acid, which is a saturated fat found in coconut oil can protect hair against protein loss. More protein in your hair = strong and healthy hair! Coconut oil is often used in hair products as the structure of the oil is similar to natural hair proteins and has the ability to penetrate the hair shaft (this is the part of the hair just above the scalp). When coconut oil penetrates the hair, this reduces the amount of water that the hair absorbs and limits the damage that this moisture would cause day to day.

“Wait, Coconut Oil Can Help My Scalp Too?”

There are few things more frustrating than trying to contend with a dray, itchy scalp and the dandruff that comes with it. Other benefits of coconut oil are that studies have shown that the use of it on the scalp can actually reduce dandruff. This may be because coconut oil’s amazing ability to penetrate hair proteins also works on your skin barrier. 

If you’re battling brittle hair or an irritate scalp then it’s definitely worth investing in haircare products containing the right ingredients to help combat these issues. The FUL Intense Moisture Hair Mask was designed to restore dry and damaged hair into the healthy, luscious locks that they’re supposed to be. This conditioning hair mask is a pH balance formula containing 100% vegan ingredients, such as coconut oil! So say goodbye to dry, straw-like hair and hello to softness and shine!

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